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Netta Chain Representative Offer!
Dear investors,

It is glad to announce that Netta Chain is successfully online almost 1 month now. We are grateful for your stay and support with us during this period of time.At the moment there are more than $500,000 investment from our 6000 registered members. We have paid out already over $200,000.

Undoubtly Netta Chain is growing fast and moving forward one of the best in the industry. To better serve our community, the representative program is offered to our investors.
You will earn 10%-2%-1% Ref commission as a representative. If you like Netta Chain and would like to recommend your friends, you may become our representative.

How to apply our representatives? You should be an active investor, and have 1 active referral. Then provide your username, full name, country, social ID, instant messager ID to You may check details here:

We hope that you have a nice time with Netta Chain!

with kind regards,

Netta Chain
Posted on: Sep-18-2018 03:35:36 AM

Bitcoin price has dropped 13% in past 24 hours!
In the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has dropped by more than 13 percent from $7,384 to $6,335, pushing tokens and other major cryptocurrencies to record large losses. The ETH and LTC prices have dropped about 20 percent in the sametime.
Posted on: Sep-6-2018 12:46:15 AM

Netta Chain Two Weeks Online!
Dear investors,

It has been two weeks since Netta Chain was online. In the past two weeks, we are proud to serve our 3800 investors successfully. The deposits and withdrawals are running quite smoothly.

Hundreds of investors have achieved profit by using our service. From August 20th to Sep 2nd, the bitcoin has been rising from $6400 to $7200. There is a good news that the trading team has successfully gained over $500K by trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Best wishes!

Netta Chain
Posted on: Sep-3-2018 03:07:46 AM

Netta Chain telegram group is available now!
Dear investors,

Telegram group is launched. You may join our community here:! Feel free to ask questions and communite with our investors.

By the way, due to the heavy traffic of ETH network, the ETH transaction will be confirmed later than usual. Now our financial department will increase the gas fee to accelerate the transaction.

with kind regards,
Netta Chain
Posted on: Aug-30-2018 07:55:17 AM

Welcome to Netta Chain!
It's a great delight for us to announce that Netta Chainis open to the public today.Netta Chain is a cryptocurrency trading service company founded by veteran traders who have been working in stock market for more than 10 years.

The mission of our company is to provide a reliable and profitable management system for all members, no matter if you have extensive experience in the markets or are new to it. All investors from worldwide are welcome to use our service.Join Netta Chain, your future starts from now!
Posted on: Aug-20-2018 01:42:02 AM

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