Bounty Program
Would you like to earn extra bitcoins? Would you like to promote Netta Chain?
You can just do small tasks and get bitcoin rewards from Netta Chain. This will also help Netta Chain grow and to be one of the best!

Youtube Bounty
Youtube Bounty

Record a video to explain how Netta Chain works in any lauguage. You should make a new successful deposit in the video, and show your successful withdrawals from Netta Chain.

You should share your unique views about Netta Chain in the video.
The video should be public in the youtube.
Please attach your referral link under the video.
The video should be at least 3 minutes long and made after Oct 18th 2018.

Rewards: $20 bonus in 4.7% daily for 30 days plan.
Video likes contest: Promote your video after you upload it. If your video has the most likes until November 30th 2018, we will give you a prize. That is $300 bonus in the 4.7% daily for 30 days plan.

Facebook Group Post Bounty
Facebook Group Post Bounty

Share your unique views and payment proof of Netta Chain in different facebook groups.

You should have an active deposit.
The facebook group should be cryptocurrency or investment related, with more than 500 members.
The post should include your views about Netta Chain, payment proof image and your referral link.
The post should be public and published after Oct 18th 2018.

Rewards: $1 for post in 5 different groups. $2 for post in 10 or more different groups.
Note:You can do this offer daily, and the post content including payment proof image should be different day to day. If you share the same payment proof images in the next day, the bounty application will be denied.

How to claim bounty? After you complete the task, please an email to to apply for the bounty.

For youtube bounty, please tell us your username and youtube link in the email. You can do this offer only once.
For facebook group post bounty,please tell us your username, facebook group url, the post screenshoot in the email.You can do this offer daily.

If your task does not meet our requirements, we reserve the right to deny it.
Our staff will verify and add the bonus in 3 calendar days. Please do not urge us.
Thanks for your support and cooperation, hope you may enjoy your time with Netta Chain!

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